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Your heart sing


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you want to see your business flourish...

But it’s not easy standing out among the crowd. You want to stop worrying about ‘how’ to express your message clearly or if you are even attracting the right customer.

Or you just want to be done with the overwhelm of doing it yourself. You need a clear, cohesive visual identity that rolls out across all of your marketing material, social media, signage and digital platforms.

You are looking for someone who is able to visualise the right heart, gentleness and kindness that you’d like to convey..... yet still having the boldness and confidence that comes from knowing who you are and where you are headed.

I get it, you want a brand that you love,

a brand that is

authentically you

I can help you achieve that!


I’m Megan Horsfall but I often get Megs, Megsie or even Meegs. As well as running Happy Splat Design, I have a love for coffee and my family (hubby + 5 kids, ranging from littlies to adults).

Let me help you develop a brand with a recognisable personality and style. Stop your business from disappearing into the crowd and give your business a brand voice that has a consistent and co-ordinated style, with a message tailored to your ideal audience.

the creative process

The design process is not a task that I take on by myself.
That’s right, you are part of the process. We work as a team.

Coffee_step1 - happy splat dsign

Step 1 - Consultation + Homework

After your initial inquiry, we plan a Welcome Session to talk through your comprehensive Design Brief. A well thought-out brief always helps to deliver the best result. Take your time writing it, preferably whilst having a coffee. << that’s your Homework. As we explore your ideas and business goals, we also ensure we are a good fit.

Step 2 - Research + Sketching

Here I learn as much as I can about your business and your industry. This part takes lots of coffee. It is during this process that the ideas start to flow. I refer back to all my notes from our chat and begin to create. After sketching out my ideas, I refine the concepts and create them digitally. I take care to choose the perfect fonts & colours to convey a clear, concise message.

Step 3 - Presentation + Refinement

By now I have created some intentional and well thought out designs for you. The polished concepts are now presented to you, possibly whilst drinking coffee, along with an explanation of how they meet your brief & why they would be successful. Here you can squeal and say “eekk, I love them all” or I may revise or tweak them according to your feedback, to ensure that everything is perfect.

Step 4 - Celebration + Donuts

The design process finishes. We hug & smile, some people even do a little happy dance. I collate all of the beautiful final files and send them to you along with your Style Guide. We celebrate with a freshly brewed cuppa... and a donut ... with sprinkles of course!



all the extra bits!

a little


the happy entrepreneur



with lots of heart

this is perfect for you if ...

you are an entrepreneur...
You are an idea powerhouse who is ready to start a new business or supercharge your small to medium business. Your business is your passion. You live it and breathe it! You are ready to invest and do the hard work.

you want to shine...
You want to love your marketing material as much as your business. You need help to put your ideas on paper. You are ready to provide all the concise details and be timely in your communication. You are ready to work as a team!

you are ready to put your money where your mouth is...
You’re ready to take control of your brand management, and to place real value on your brand and how it is perceived. You’re ready to invest in a brand that you will use for years to come.

you love coffee...
You start your morning with a caffeinated bang. It’s more than a drink it is part of a morning ritual to prepare you for the day ahead. You love coffee! It’s your brain fuel, and ours too!

this probably isn't for you if ...

you are not a detail-orientated person...
Those who are fast and cheap, skimming over the details without much forethought.

you are not an online communicator...
Those who struggle with technology as we are a predominantly online business. Most of our time spent together will be via email or your client portal.

manifestation and chakras are your jam...
That’s cool but we probably aren’t a good fit.

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Brand Strategy


good business idea!

Brand strategy is something that should never be done hurriedly. It takes an intentional and thoughtful approach to create a brand that speaks to your perfect audience.

Your business has a personality which is communicated through your branding. If you get your branding right, you will be saying the perfect things at the perfect time for the perfect client. If you get it wrong, you may never know what message it is sending about your business.

... it’s like a perfectly brewed cuppa

the creative process

No two business are the same and therefore no two business have the same needs. The Branding Packages are designed with individuality in mind as they give you the flexibility to choose exactly what you need for your business. From the very basics of strategic colour palettes to business cards, eBooks to vehicle signage. All designed to tell the story of your brand... one piece at a time.

Start with a Logo

CWIB + HSD_logo - happy splat design

Add in some Basics

CWIB + HSD_brand basics - happy splat design

Build the Collateral

CWIB + HSD_brand collateral - happy splat design

Everything is cohesive. Everything tells a story. Everything is uniquely You!

happy splat design_pink bag of coffee beans

frequently asked questions

Check our bag of magic beans for the answer!

happy splat design_pink coffee cup
How long will a branding project take?

The timeframe of a design project will vary depending on each individual brief. Generally, I like to allow several weeks for a full branding project. However, if you have a specific deadline then please make me aware and I will discuss your needs in terms of a timeframe during our consultation.

What are my responsibilities as Client?

The design process is a collaborative journey and we both have responsibilities to ensure a successful final product. I promise to respect your time and our set schedule, and I ask all my clients to do the same by being timely with providing feedback, sending content, etc. Major delays in client responses may result in our project being pushed back in my schedule and your deadline not being met.

What sort of payment plan do you offer?

A deposit of 50% is required to book in your project. The balance of the invoice is to be finalised prior to the handover of final files or at 30 days – whichever comes first.

I already have a logo and just need marketing material. Can you still help?

If you have a logo that you love AND it’s working for you, I am happy to chat to you about your design needs for your marketing material. I love creating all the ‘extra’ bits + pieces.


Each step in the design process includes two rounds of revisions. Any additional revisions are charged at an hourly rate.

Do you only create girly stuff?

Not at all, I have worked with many brands over the years that have a more masculine appeal - some very much so. Strength of colour is my main focus and the style will be tailored to your business.

Do you offer printing as well?

Print management is part of the service. All your printed material will be delivered directly to your door, including everything from business cards to pull-up banners.

What are your office hours?

If you need to contact me during our time spent working together or you need me to clarify anything, I am available on the phone or happy to answer questions  via email. My office hours are 9:30am to 5:00pm Monday – Thursday.** Please note, I don’t work nights or weekends but will respond to emails or calls during my contact hours.

How do I get started?

Download the Price Guide below or contact me directly via the contact page. You will be sent a link to book in for a FREE 15-minute consultation. From there we will discuss the next steps and whether we are a good fit for each other. Then we can begin the branding journey together.

Chocolate or Lollies?

Well, truth be told, I am a lolly-holic, candy girl. Jellybeans, snakes, raspberries, sour lollies…  oh joy of all joys! All the sweetness and sugar…. nom nom nom.

if that sounds like you

Let me help you develop a brand with a recognisable personality and style.
Stop your business from disappearing into the crowd and give your business a brand voice that has a consistent and co-ordinated style, with a message tailored to your perfect audience.

Download the Price Guide


Kind Words

Rosie Button Photography


I've worked together with Megan for nearly 3 years and I love to see the creative designs she comes up with, it's exciting like unwrapping a birthday present.

Megan is amazing, I have already recommended her to a friend who is a raving fan too!! Always delivers on time whilst keeping me aware of time frames. From designing signage to brochures and a multitude of marketing material, top quality professional work. I love that she organizes the printing for me, the final product turns up at my door all bright and colourful. I love talking with Megan too and hearing her laugh 🙂

Jance Grech Dance Centre / Dance Studio Success


Over the last 5 years Megan has helped me take my businesses and brands to greater heights. Her super power is getting to the very heart of my business and representing it in line with our values in a way I could only dream of. In short, Megan makes me look really good, all the time.

Megan is easy to work with, understands the brief almost effortlessly and is an integral part of our success. I believe that a long term partnership with a graphic designer is essential if you want a coherent and consistent look for your company - if you want your business to be more beautiful than it already is, Megan will help bring it to life.

The Healthy Happy Soul


"Within minutes of talking to you I knew this was the right thing and I should’ve just gone with you all along. The project has just been completed and I truly am speechless with how incredible the result is!! Incredible! Thank you so much Megan, I so appreciate you and the speed of completion. Can’t wait to get this all in use!

I just have to say again, I LOVE it! Goosebumps all over. The more I look at it, the more I fall in love. You truly are incredible amazing lady, thank you isn’t enough."




basics 101

for entreprenuers

Be confident with your brand and understand how to use it in a way to impress. Learn about your brand voice + values and how that impacts your marketing. Use your brand like a PRO with timely tips and hints to help you stay focused and on track!